Progress update 3

Hey there,

Sorry I didn't post for a long time again but I've been working on lots of behind the scenes engine stuff so there isn't much of interest to write about. One thing we could show is some basic GUI stuff I did a while ago.

This is the menu for station shop, where you buy upgrades for your ship. Some of the text looks a bit janky because I've been messing around with the engine rendering recently. Also, the visual style for all the menus is temporary, we'll finalize all that stuff when the game is finished

This is the character screen where you can equip different weapons to different slots. The green squares are highlighting the location of the slots on your ship.

I also re-wrote the audio system and did a bit of work so it pans the sounds nicely depending on your position. That's pretty much it this time, like I said I've been working on lots of engine stuff that I wasn't happy with. I'm hoping to get the engine in a good state soon so I can work on some more gameplay features.

Thanks for reading, till next time.