New idea: Space Game


I may have forgotten to write a blog post last month, sorry about that, but we’ve been doing some quite cool stuff.

Unfortunately we are no longer working on the first person shooter we started. It was very ambitious, we were basically trying to make a game like Halo: Combat Evolved and there’s only two of us, the programming was fairly doable but Nathan didn’t have enough time to do all the modeling. He did make a really cool gun but that took a relitively short amount of time compared to everything else. I would still like to make that game but I don’t think it’s feasible right now.

Don’t worry though because we have an awesome new project, it’s temporarily called Space Game (that will probably end up being the final name). It’s a space RPG, you will control your ship and a couple of others in your fleet. The idea is that you will have control over your ships systems, sending more power to weapons, shields etc as you see fit. You will also move your ship around freely, exploring the universe, fighting off enemy ships, upgrading your ship, that sort of stuff. Here’s some very early screenshots and art.





I really like the art so far and I’m enjoying the programming as well, I’m using my c++ engine and the game is coded completely in Lua which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I will share more details next blog post as well as lots more screenshots of our progress.

Thanks for reading!

- Matt