New game and Lua engine

Hi guys!

I’m going to try a do a quick update post like this at least once a month.

Me and Nathan have started working on a first person shooter together and we have a good idea of what we want it to be. It will be single player and story-driven, maybe with some RPG elements. As always I am doing the programming and Nathan is doing the 3D models and the art. I am using Unity to develop the game and so far I have built the basic movement and aiming down the sights.

Here’s the awesome gun Nathan has made so far.

Nathan is quite busy with other things and doesn’t have that much time to work on the models so development will be quite slow, but we will get there eventually.

In other news I have been building my own little C++ engine that runs Lua scripts. It’s quite simple but I just want to use it for small 2D games and for Ludum Dare. I’m very happy with it so far and I really like using Lua so I’m looking forward to building some games with it, maybe I’ll use it for the next Ludum Dare. I’ve been looking into porting it to WebGL as well so I can release the games as native applications and for the web, but running Lua scripts with Javascript might not go that well so we’ll see.

That’s all for now, I mights do something for MiniLD 50 before the submission closes on April 7th. I’ll tweet if I livestream any of the development.

See ya!

- Matt