LudumDare and JellyMoon dev

Wow, I haven’t posted in a long time!

We’ve made some progress with Epic Space Game. Mainly shooting, exploding and playing around with different movement controls. More info and screenshots next time.




I participated in LudumDare 30 a couple of weekends ago and I’m quite pleased with my game. It could be more polished and needs to be a bit more challenging but I’m proud of the art.

You can play it here.


I used our JellyMoon engine for LudumDare which I have been working on quite a lot. I need to create a better distribution of it on Windows but other than I’m very happy with it. I’m in the process of updating it to use more modern OpenGL rendering methods at the moment and finding it really fun. OpenGL is great.

Bug of the month


I was playing around with shaders and everything turned green.

Till next time!

- Matt